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Decorative elements and JESMONITE

We manufacture decorative elements from various types of materials - GYPSUM, CONCRETE, JESMONITE.

GYPSUM - a wide range of gypsum decor offer - cornices, moldings, corner elements, columns, fireplaces and other decorative elements. To view the offer - download decorative elements catalog!

We offer individual design and production of different styles of decor. We will install, decorate and paint them. Decorations that are made from gypsum, are suggested to decorate the inside, the material is porous and is not resistant to external factors. All decorative gypsum decorations are reinforced.

CONCRETE - traditional and widely used material from which are manufactured a variety of decorative elements for facades and finishes. Concrete decorative elements after mounting are painted in any shade of the facade, all decorative elements are reinforced with glass fiber to increse the phisical properties and by doing so, it is more resistant to external factors.

JESMONITE - a new innovative material, a natural resin composite, which is made from 2 types of raw material - pure alpha gypsum base and aluminate composite base. Thanks to this unique material, we can fabricate and decorate elements, copying a variety of surfaces, such as natural stone, leather, wood fiber, glass, leaf veins up to the finest hairs. The material is made of premium quality, natural-based acrylic rasin, thanks to which we obtain very high physical properties. Aluminous composite base consists from 6 stones and can also be made of other stone tones on individual request.